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Hello My name is Tom Malason, and this section is a little about me. I am currently going to Pennsylvania College of Technology with my focused studies in Webpage Development and Interactive Media. I will get into my classes in the experience page on this web page. I grew up in a small town out 40 minutes out side of Philadelphia.I then decide to join The Army National Guard after High School trying to find a path and direction in life. Once graduated from The army National Guard and after becoming a solider I began to work in construction. I realized Shortly after that i felt i was failing my self and could better further my education by going back to school and selecting a major that i was interested in.


I choose web design as my major because it always has interested me how people create webpages, and I like the Idea of creating something a person can take and self promote them selfs with the page I designed for them. I would definitly say I am still in the learning process of web design. Web design is always expanding and in the fact theres something new to be learned every day. I enjoy web design and only look forward to learning more as I continue my path to better web design practices.


Class Name Semester Professor
Introduction to Web Page Development Fall Denise Leete
Mastering Web Design Tools and Technologies Fall Scott Ringkamp
Introduction to Scripting Languages Fall Denise Leete
Creating Web Applications Spring Spyke Kerpshaw
Interactive Scripting Spring Denise Leete
Advanced Web Design Practices Spring Scott Ringkamp